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Pre Court Recovery

"judge us by our results"

We are able to offer a truly Nationwide Debt Collection service. 

Integra currently works on behalf of 


Car Hire Providers

Private Parking Companies

Insurance Companies

Estate Agents

Child Care and Nurseries


Just to name a few!

Our team helps both private individuals and large companies to recovery what they are owed

When you instruct Integra we will use all our experience to get back what is owed. 

Our staff know from experience that Debt is time critical which means  the faster we act the better the chance of a successful result. 

We will carry out a full appraisal of your case including a search of the debtor involved which ensures our activity is effective. 

Not all debts are recovered in the same way, so we need to ensure we have a plan in mind

When chosing your Debt Recovery Partner ask the question 

"Are you able to provide court action in house"

Unlike many of our competitors we  are able to escalate the case to include court action if required with our own Enforcement Agents

Simply Complete our Instruct Us form and a member of our team will call to discuss how we can help 

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