High court Enforcement


Writ of Control

Once you have been
awarded a County Court Judgment (CCJ). 
The next step is to escalate the judgment if the defendant has failed to pay and to instruct our High Court Enforcement Agents.

Integra operate in High Court & Civil Enforcement, under the authority of an appointed High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO).  We are based in the West Midlands with High Court Enforcement Agents across the Country which allows us to provide this service Nationally.
The High Court Enforcement Officers, are authorised by the Ministry of Justice Lord Chancellor’s department, to enforce all High Court Judgments and County Court Judgments, over £600 


Writ of Possession

Our High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) can be instructed to enforce a Possession order that has been issued in the County Court or High Court.  You can instruct us to enforce a possession order in cases where there are Travellers/Gypsies, Trespassers, Squatters or (unknown persons) occupying your property illegally. 

Integra can transfer your possession order to the High Court for enforcement.

If you are a residential landlord and have obtained a possession order against a residential tenant the process can be acted upon quickly

(We require the Court to explicitly state that the Order can be Escalated to the High Court).


Writ of Delivery

Another form of a High Court writ is a Writ of Delivery that is used to recover explicit goods.

We find this is used in most cases by Car Finance companies that require a vehicle to be repossessed due to their client failing to make payments. 

This is done via a Writ of Delivery.

A money judgement order (Writ of Control) can also be added to a writ of delivery, so that our High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) can recover any debt at the same time and under the same Writ.

Applying for a writ of delivery

You can apply for a writ of delivery using Form 293A. Once obtained, we will manage the process of obtaining the writ on your behalf. We make no charge for this service. All you pay is the £66 court fee.

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