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High Court Enforcement


Integra can escalate your unpaid CCJ to the High Court which will enable one of our High Court Enforcement Officers to visit the debtor to secure payment or take control of sufficient goods.

Our team can talk you through the process from start to finish and keep you informed all the way. Our goal is to reclaim what is rightfully yours

Commercial Rent Arrears


If you are a commercial landlord and have a tenant with rent arrears we offer a free of charge service to quickly recover the rent you are owed using our Nationwide Enforcement Agents. 

This service is free of charge as our fees are recovered from your tenant

£395 Fixed Fee Trespasser Removals


Under Common Law, the landowner has the legal right to remove trespassers from their land – using force if required.

We work closely with Local Authorities and the Local Police to asess any risk and to allocate sufficient resources so that eviction is completed quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We will attend and serve notice on the trespassers and complete a full report 

We will then liaise with you and advise the best course of action should trespassers refuse to leave 

£395 Fixed Fee Forfeiture of Lease (commercial)


When relations break down between a commercial landlord and tenant it may be necessary to reclaim your commercial property. Our Agents can effect entry on your behalf and return the property to you within 24 hours of instruction. We have our own fully qualified locksmith if required. 

Process Document Serving


Our Certificated Court Enforcement Officers / Bailiffs are experts in Process Serving

This is required when court or legal documents need to be hand delivered to the defendant. We will meet with the defendant to  hand deliver documents and provide a signed statement as proof documents were received. This is often required for Family, Divorce and insolvency proceedings and is provided with our legal service

Debtor Tracing


Has your Debtor moved address?

We can trace them for you giving  the Enforcement process a much greater chance of success using real time systems  

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